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Amla Gold- Dabur

Amla Oil is one of the most famous oils in India and has been one of the secrets to beautiful hair of Indian women for over 70 years. 

Anti-Dandruff Oil- Himalaya


Himalayan anti-dandruff oil is the result of great research by the Himalayas. 

Argan Gel -ECO

The argan gel will allow you to flatten your hair and define your curls. Your hair will be easy to comb, shiny and perfectly hydrated.

Argan Shampoo – Vatika

The vatika shampoo with argan oil is ideal for dry and broken hair. Argan will restore softness to your hair, making it more resistant and silky.

Ayumi – Pure Glycerine Hair Oil

Glycerin is one of the best-known humectants alongside honey. It helps return moisture to dry hair and improves the scalp layer by hydrating it, thereby preventing dandruff. It also conditions the hair, reducing dryness, friziness, and breakage.

Ayumi- Growth Hair Oil

Ayumi growth Hair Oil will help you grow your hair faster.

Ayumi-Tumeric & Shea butter Body Lotion

Turmeric & Shea Butter Body Lotion is perfect for dry, dehydrated and dull skin and is ideal for those with hyperpigmentation or age spots. Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles to balance the Vata dosha.

Ayurvedic oil- SESA

SESA Oil is a combination of 18 herbs and 5 oils, it will give your hair all the nutrition and strength it needs.

Banjara’s- Aritha powder

Aritha powder is an essential Ayurvedic treatment.

Banjara’s-Multani Mitti Face pack

The orange peel powder makes the skin softer, protected and luminous. It stimulates blood circulation for more radiant skin and fights acne.

Black castor and flaxseeds oil- ECO

The Eco Castor Oil Gel, in addition to providing intense fixation without cardboarding or drying the hair, will improve your hair growth.

Black Seed Hair Cream- Vatika

The Nigel vatika hair cream helps to repair hair in depth.