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Kalyani – Chopped Soya 250G

Chopped Soya  known as textured vegetable protein  is made from soybeans. Pural Organic Soya Schnetzel chopped can be used as an alternative in dishes based on minced meat, for patties, fillings and sauces.

Kalyani – Fennel Color Sugar -1KG

These multicolored fennel seeds are used as a refreshing mouth freshener. They can also be used as an edible decoration for pastries, pies and cakes. Made only from the best fennel seeds.

Kalyani – Fennel Powder

In general, Fennel is characterized by its strong smell and distinctive flavor, It's used as a kind of spices in the preparation of certain foods, as it is used in weight loss and elimination of belly fat, and especially Four Seasons Fennel one of the finest types of natural spices 100 percent.

Kalyani – Soja Medium 500g

Soya Chunks are rich in protein and low in fat content. They usually need to be soaked in water before use and can be consumed in curry form, added to rice pulav, soups, & chillis  etc.

Kalyani -Coriander Powder

Heat-sealed in an eco-friendly, re-sealable pouch to Stay Fresh for longer, Used in cooking to prepare many dishes. We are at NOBILITY offering all of our customers first class natural food products manufactured and packed to the highest quality. Being a trustworthy name in the industry, we are able to offer a superior quality array of 250g Coriander Powder to our patrons.

Kalyani -Mini Soya 250G

NI Per 100 g Product (Approximate): Energy 336 Kcal; Protein 52 g; Fat 1 g; Carbohydrate 37 g; Sugars 9 g; Crude Fibre 4 g; Dietary Fibre 13 g; Calcium 533 mg; Iron 21 mg