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CLASSIC PACK TEA BAGS 300 SACHETS- 870g Masala instant tea (with spices) has a refreshing aroma and is rich in


MASALA CHAI TEA BAGS-200g A special seven authentic Indian spices blend. It comes from Indian Premium Tea Garden, Goodness and

Natco-Spice Tea 160 Sachets

Natco Spiced Tea in bags is a quick and easy way to enjoy one of Asia's most traditional drinks. Based on traditional masala tea recipes this tea has a truly authentic taste and can be enjoyed at any time.

Natco-Spice Tea-125g

Natco Spiced Tea in bags is a quick and easy way to enjoy one of Asia's most traditional drinks. This black tea is blended with the finest cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and black pepper to create an exotic experience.

Palanquin-Cardamon Tea-125g

Cardamon tea has a pleasant aroma and taste that brings lightness to the body, mind and spirit. Palanquin cardamom tea is a blend of black tea and freshly ground cardamom pods

Palanquin-Ginger Herbal Tea-80g

Helps to ease indigestion. Relieves colds and flu symptoms. Ginger Herbal Tea will give you a drink with a refreshing aroma and a sense of warmth to the body. Palanquin Ginger herbal tea is made with freshly ground dry ginger. It has a fresh uplifting aroma and leaves a pleasant feeling of warmth and lightness.

Palanquin-Red Bush Cardamon-100g

Palanquin Red Bush Cardamon is made with freshly ground cardamon mixed with red bush. An excellent refreshing caffeine free drink. Cardamon has been used from ancient times to improve digestion and act as a mouth freshner. It stimulates and gives clarity to the mind

Palanquin-Red Bush Spiced 100g

Palanquin Red Bush Spiced tea is a combination of selected spices and red bush. It is naturally caffeine free, which makes it a great alternative for health conscious people.

PG Tips tea-160 sachets

grown using sustainable methods, so you can enjoy your brew safe in the knowledge that it has been brought to you the right way.