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PG Tips tea-160 sachets

grown using sustainable methods, so you can enjoy your brew safe in the knowledge that it has been brought to you the right way.

PG Tips tea-240 sachets

PG Tips Tea Bags now come in an innovative pyramid shaped bag, providing the tea with more room to breathe as it slowly brews – so you can really enjoy that distinctive PG flavour.

PG Tips tea-40 sachets

To deliver our great fresh taste we pick the top two leaves and the bud known as the tips - hence the name - and that's what makes PG tips so good. 40 Tea Bags Per Pack.

PG Tips tea-80 sachets

The mark number 1 in Earth angle. 40 Delicately selected Black Tea Bags, Sustainable cultivation, Pyramid shaped bags for an intense flavor.

PG Tips Tea-Loose Tea

They're naturally low in calories and have similar levels of caffeine as green tea because both green tea and black tea come from the same plant. What's more, the caffeine in tea is relatively low, approximately half as much as coffee, and moderate amounts of tea (6 cups/day) do not show negative effects on the body.