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Yogi Tea -Cranberry Hibiscus

The pulse of time sometimes challenges us to keep up with it, so we want to stay positive in this process. Positive energy with mate and guarana, black tea and black pepper is a pleasure in turbulent times.

Yogi Tea- Chai Vert 17 Sachets

It is light and delicious, and tastes good either hot or cold. Sweetened and refined with some milk, this Chai is ideal for relaxing. or a vegan milk variation.

Yogi Tea-Choco Chai

Choco has been a favourite for years. The cocoa combines with sweet liquorice, cinnamon, spicy ginger and cardamom in a heavenly tea blend.

Yogi Tea-Detox 17 Sachets

This tea will lighten the soul with its herbal aroma and tea goodness, allowing you a fresh start.  Its balanced blend of herbs and spices with liquorice root, dandelion, ginger and fennel are refreshing at any time of day or season.

Yogi Tea-Echinacea 17 Sachets

Tart-tangy echinacea, combined with sweet herbs like fennel, ginger and cardamom that warm the senses, make this tea into a balanced taste experience according to Ayurvedic tradition.

Yogi Tea-Ginseng 17 Sachets

The carefully balanced composition of 16 herbs and spices such as fruity lemon grass, orange peels and fresh mint give it a mellow taste.

Yogi Tea-Good Night 17 Sachets

Enjoying the essential lavender oil carefully combined with gentle chamomile blossoms and hops, makes a harmonious companion for the quiet evening hours and a meditative end to the day.

Yogi Tea-Happiness

Pure Happiness allows your senses to soar with essential oils of refreshing lemon grass and tangy lemon. Carefully combined with green Sencha tea and ginger, a wonderful tea experience comes to life, with a scent to conjure a smile just by preparing it.

Yogi Tea-Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony was composed to let us encounter the rhythm of the day in a relaxed way. The enjoyment of soothing ingredients such as soft lemon balm, fragrant lavender blossoms and sweet cinnamon

Yogi Tea-Lemon Matcha

Ayurvedic tradition with the craft of Buddhist green tea. Delicate, green Tencha tops, shielded from sunlight for the  weeks before the harvest to obtain a fine, fresh and mild taste, have been refined with selected Matcha that has traditionally accompanied Buddhist monks during their long meditations.

Yogi Tea-Licorice

Ginger, orange peels and other Oriental spice secrets perfect this special tea into a true taste experience. The subtle message of this tea is "Contentment and a sense of security."

Yogi Tea-Lime Mint 17 Sachets

Lime Mint is an invitation to a light, relaxed day full of unwinding and feeling good. The subtle message of this tea is: "The lightness of life."